Inside My Father's Workshop

Inside My Father's Workshop is a personal project.

We call it the garage, but it is really a multipurpose workshop: shop, garage, and workspace. After he retired, my dad used the garage to refurbish vintage tractors and trucks. When I returned to the farm, I rediscovered the garage as a photography space. As I spent time rummaging through the shelves of parts, bins of tools, automobile paints, and nuts and bolts, I became enchanted with the space.
With three west-facing windows and ample room to set up still lifes, I found the light produced effects of textures and colors that I could find nowhere else.
Single Flint Spark Lighter.
Arnold's Welding Glove
Open ended "S" curved wrench. Made in USA.
Arnold's Welding Mask
Rusted Tin Siding
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